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Youth Mentorship

For ages 12-18+


Young people need caring, creative, enthusiastic adult mentors in their lives in addition to their parents and teachers. I want to celebrate your child's unique gifts and help build their confidence, self-worth, and JOY and enthusiasm for learning, whatever that may look like for them. Whether they need extra support with school or an accountability mentor to help guide them through a creative project, I'm here to be their personal cheerleader as they discover who they are and what they love.


Book a FREE Parent Consultation call to learn more. 


What does a mentor do?

  • Guides you through passion-planning and goal setting exercises

  • Helps you design systems and plans for doing more of what you love

  • Navigates the limits and challenges of your current education to find room for passion-driven learning

  • Provides supportive accountability as you implement your action plan

  • Celebrates your victories and supports you through your challenges

Levitating Books

1-on-1 Mentorship

Sometimes a child needs an adult who is not a teacher or a parent to help support them in working towards their goals. As a youth mentor I meet your child where they're at and empower them to choose their own future. Your child might be an aspiring writer who needs consistent support writing and publishing a collection of stories or poems, or an artist who only gets to do art twice a week for 50 minutes at school. Perhaps your child feels like they have no direction or no idea what they might want to do with their lives or finds its difficult to engage with schoolwork. Every child is different and has different needs. In a dream world every student would receive their own tailored education at school, but until we get there, let me help your child navigate their education and find the spark that helps them choose learning from a place of excitement and JOY.

How it Works

This is an opportunity for parents/guardians to call as discuss their child's specific needs, dreams, and challenges and to find out more about my services.

In this hour-long video chat, your child and I will meet and go through some exercises and brainstorming about goals, dreams, and challenges. This is intended to ensure that your child feels comfortable working with me before you commit to continued mentorship and is offered at 30% off my normal rate.


Mentorship starts as a 3-month/12-week commitment. This is to provide adequate time for your child to internalize and actualize new skills related to mindset, organization, goal-setting, and implementing their action plan.

Continuing Mentorship

After the initial 12-weeks, students can continue working with me on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis as they continue to work towards their goals and build a learning experience they love.

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